Keenan Mech Fiber 270 6 paddle mixer

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Manufacturer : Keenan


Based on the legendary machine reliability and backup service, Keenan Mixer wagons, together with InTouch Technology are designed to deliver the optimal mix consistently every time. Our small range of wagons can feed up to 75 dairy cows or 140 finishers per load.The angled castellated paddles sweep along the mixing chamber floor and through the belly knives at just 7-8 rpm lifting the material to the top before it falls, creating a gentle, non-destructive tumbling action. This guarantees thorough end-to-end mixing of all ingredients, with the correct ration structure, promoting high intakes and performance. The Mech-fiber® 270 is specifically designed to be easily maintained on-farm. This ensures that the machine can work hard day in, day out. There are just two chains in the entire machine and both have load capacities far higher than technically required. This simple, functional drive train design means there is no complicated gearbox to go wrong. Bearings, six in all, are mounted externally so they can easily be serviced. For feed-out, the variable feed control (VFC) or guillotine door opens downward. The paddles push the mixed ration onto the full-length auger resulting in consistent and even feed-out. The VFC door allows you to adjust the rate of discharge. It can be closed during feed-out allowing for the addition of extra feed ingredients to simplify feeding.An automatic oiling system can be fitted and is operated by the hydraulic rams opening and closing the guillotine door. This delivers ‘pulses’ of oil to the drive chains, lubricating them to the optimum levels for safety and improved chain life

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